Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

Mission and Values

The mission of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is to raise awareness and enhance the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.


The Alliance's professional staff, numerous volunteers and board members are grounded in the shared values of:

  • PEOPLE-CENTERED SERVICES. We share a passion for the people we serve and strive to provide services that support each individual's choices and needs.
  • SOCIAL CHANGE. The Alliance believes in social and systemic change as we empower others to advocate on their own behalf.
  • EQUAL ACCESS. We work to ensure that all individuals are aware of and have access to services.
  • QUALITY. We provide all people affected by brain injury with the highest level of service of which we are capable.
  • COLLABORATION. We value our partners and recognize that together we can achieve more than if we act alone.
  • INNOVATION. We strive continually to monitor trends, anticipate needs, forge creative solutions, and set the standard for best practices in the field.


The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance envisions a world where every brain injury is prevented and where every injury is met with impassioned advocacy, extraordinary services, knowledgeable professionals, and quality choices. We work toward a Minnesota where everyone recognizes brain injury, its causes and effects, and where all individuals living with brain injury are encouraged to realize their full potential and their value to our community.