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What is a Citizen Advocate?

A Citizen Advocate is anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury and who wants to make a difference by sharing their story with policymakers. Whether you are a person with a brain injury, caregiver or professional, your voice can change policy to help create long-term solutions for Minnesotans with Brain Injury.

What can I do as a citizen advocate?

  • Come to Tuesdays at the Capital to experience policymaking on the ground. You will have support from a group of experienced advocates and public policy staff as you share your story with your legislators and work on issues that are important to you.
  • Join us at Disability Day at the Capitol to rally for equality, access and community. Learn about a broad range of disability issues and hear from inspirational speakers and legislators.
  • Attend the Citizen Advocate Academy to learn more about the legislative process, Minnesota's policies surrounding brain injury, and the importance of storytelling. We offer training sessions at our Roseville offices every summer and year-round to support groups and other places where communities gather.
  • Schedule a Meeting with your Legislator to talk about the issues that impact your life. We can provide support scheduling and planning the meeting and even attend with you to help answer questions and make you feel comfortable.
  • Meet One-on-One with our Public Policy Staff to get more information about how you can become an advocate and get involved.


Sign up to join us at Tuesday's at the Capitol using the button below! It is important to know who represents you at the federal and state level. Use the tool below to find out who represents you! The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is a committed partner in the fight for more affordable housing. Use the action alert below to voice your support as well!
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Your Stories

Kris discusses her brain injury and advocating.

Rebecca and Rik advocate to try and change the Medical Assistance Spend-down so that they can keep more of their Social Security Disability income.

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance advocates for specialized training linked to higher wages to better support individuals with brain injury.