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2012 Annual Conference - Keynote Presentations

Presentations and Downloads
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Both Thursday and Friday sessions of the 27th Annual Conference for Professionals in Brain Injury will feature Keynote Addresses in the morning, as well as a closing Keynote Address on Friday afternoon.

Thursday Keynote Address: Changing Their Mind: Evoking Motivation for Change in Individuals with Brain Injury - Erwin Concepcion, Ph.D., LP, Minnesota Department of Human Services

"Change can be difficult." This is our reminder to the people we serve who are not ready to move in the direction we believe they should be going. Dr. Concepcion's presentation will address the challenges that providers and supporters of individuals with brain injury face in their struggles to elicit motivation for change in others. As past research is uncovered and new research is generated, there is a growing body of knowledge that there are better ways of evoking the change potential in people than the traditional "carrot and stick" reinforcement method which has dominated our thinking for the last 100 years. Many of the newest ideas about the brain, why people change, and the evocation of motivation have implications for individuals with brain injury and the people who support them.

Erwin Concepcion has over 20 years of clinical and administrative experience in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, specializing in clinical consultation and practice focusing on individuals with mental health conditions who also struggle with co-occurring conditions related to brain injury and substance use disorders. Currently, Dr. Concepcion is involved in helping to bridge DHS State Operated Services and the Department's Adult Mental Health policy division in efforts to implement integrated treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders. He is a volunteer for the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota where he has co-led the agency’s multicultural outreach steering committee since 2000. Dr. Concepcion holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Kent State University and training in neuropsychology from Henry Ford Hospital and the University Of Minnesota Department Of Neurosurgery

Steven Benvenisti, Esq.Friday Keynote Address: The Most Significant Case of My Entire Career - Steven Benvenisti, Esq., Davis, Saperstein & Salomon

Steven Benvenisti, Esq., is a Partner with the Law Offices of Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, one of the largest personal injury law firms in New Jersey. He is among the four percent of New Jersey attorneys certified by the Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney. In 2011, Benvenisti was included on the list of The National Trial Lawyers "Top 100 Trial Lawyers". He will discuss a catastrophic brain injury case he has shared with hundreds of audiences throughout the country, which has been featured on television and the news media - this case being the most significant case of his entire career. This program will credit, applaud and enhance the very important roles played by the rehabilitation professionals, caregivers, the Brain Injury Association, the individual living with brain injury and their family.

The valuable lessons learned from this program have inspired and changed many people living with brain injury, loved ones and their providers in their own personal and professional lives. Mr. Benvenisti has received many awards relating to this presentation including an Official Proclamation by the United States Congress, Joint Legislative Resolutions by the New Jersey Senate and Governor.

Friday Plenary Session: The Birdhouse Project – A Tool of Self Discovery - Kris G. Munsch

The Birdhouse Project is a step-by-step project to help us identify and find our way back to life after loss or crisis. By seeing how these blank pieces represent the pieces of our lives, we can express our weaknesses, strengths and desires as we symbolically rebuild our lives, so we are ready to host new life. This building process encourages us to spend time exploring our emotions and putting each in its proper place. Whether we share our feelings or keep them to ourselves, the important thing is that we are putting the pieces back together in a meaningful, constructive way.

Kris has been referred to by many of his friends as "a doer". There was never a project too big for Kris; that is until his sixteen-year-old son Blake was killed in a car accident on December 23, 2005. Kris spiraled out of control, selling his businesses and entering into a world of depression. It wasn't until he started to realize that he had this talent to rebuild almost anything, why couldn't he rebuild his life. That's what he began doing and he did it in a high school classroom teaching woodworking. The authenticity of the teens he worked with inspired him to start The Birdhouse Project. His life was going as planned until he discovered the five-year marriage he was enjoying imploded and he ended up divorced for a second time. "This never again” was his mission as he sold all his belongings and set out on July 4, 2011 with a dream to build a birdhouse in all the lower 48 states in honor of his son. Whether he slept in his car in a Wal-Mart parking lot or with people he met along the way, Kris began to understand the importance of "authenticity" in his life. After traveling thousands of miles by car and bicycle to tell his story, Kris is now writing a second book, offering workshops, keynote speaking and pursuing a clinical therapy certificate in grief counseling.

Presentations and Downloads
KeynotesThursday ScheduleFriday Schedule