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Library Resources

The Minnesota Brain Injury Association offers access to a wide variety of information through its online article library and video library. If you would like more information than what's available below, please call us at 800-669-6442.

To use our online article library, choose an article from the following list. All articles are pdf documents and will open in a new window.

Medical Aspects

About Brain Injury: A Guide to Brain Anatomy
Describes parts and functions of the brain

Anoxia (for the consumer)
Explains anoxia (interrupted supply of oxygen to the brain)

Anoxia (for the medical professional)
More technical article addressing anoxia/hypoxia

Chemical use after brain injury
Individuals who used chemicals in the past are likely to return to using following a brain injury

Coma Information - While you were waiting
Suggestions for families whose loved one are experiencing coma

Coma Stimulation
Sensory for the comatose patient

Concussion in Children: Signs and Symptoms of a Brain Injury
Important symptoms to watch for

Describes possible causes of being dizzy

A brief screening device for TBI

Medical explanation for balance difficulties

Long-Term Post-TBI Health Problems (TBI Consumer Report #1)
Research project results

Mild Brain Injury
Concussion, post-concussive syndrome

Post Traumatic Headache
Most common physical complaint post injury

Who Gets Brain Tumors and Why?
Fact sheet about brain tumors