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The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance has been featured in several media stories, relating to events and individuals associated with the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

New Prague H.S. Athlete Receives Prestigious Scholarship (WCCO) - June 2, 2014
Kayla Meyer of New Prague High School has been awarded the 2014 Terrill Scholarship, Mark Rosen reports.

Former High School Hockey Player Has A Prom To Remember (WCCO) - May 5, 2014
Kayla Meyer of New Prague High School has been awarded the 2014 Terrill Scholarship, Mark Rosen reports.

Storyteller Kevin Kling at brain injury conference (KARE) - April, 2014
Hundreds of experts in brain injury care throughout Minnesota will come together for the 29th Annual Conference for Professionals in Brain Injury on April 10 & 11.

This year's event addresses the constantly changing field of brain injury technology, the growing understanding of the brain, and the quest for identity and meaning after brain injury or concussion.

On April 11 well known playwright, storyteller and author, Kevin Kling will present an inspiring session on Healing Through Connection: The Power of Personal Story.

INTERVIEW: Brain Injuries in Children (KSTP) - October 30, 2013
David King with the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance stopped by the KSTP-TV studio to talk about brain injuries in children.

Utecht previews Walk for Thought (KMSP) - September 6, 2013
More than 4,000 Minnesotans are hospitalized with a brain injury every year. This weekend, you have a chance to help those living with a disability due to a brain injury. Former Minnesota Gopher and Indianapolis Colts tight end Ben Utecht stops by to preview Saturday's Walk for Thought.

Minnesota Teen Talks about How Concussions Impact Academics (KMSP) - August 19, 2013
Young athletes are becoming more aware of concussions and the fear they can turn into career-ending injuries. But we don't necessarily think of them as a threat to academics or how we learn. Local teenager Hannah Sipe knows that all too well. About two years ago, over a six month period, 16-year-old Hannah suffered four concussions, ending life as she knew it. That meant no more soccer and no more basketball. Her academic career, which consisted of mainly A's- busted.

How Concussions Affect Academic Performance (KMSP) - August 19, 2013
Dr. Angela Sinner from Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul and David King, the Executive Director at the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance explain how concussions can affect student athletes academic success.

Study: Multiple Concussions Cause Longer Recovery (KSTP) - June 10, 2013
Jannaya LaFrance watches her son Corbin go through some football drills at Parade Stadium in Minneapolis. She said if her son got a concussion from football, she would make him sit out.

Local Conference Discusses Sports-Related Concussions (KSTP) - April 11, 2013
From the NFL to high school sports, head injuries are a hot topic and an increasing concern for athletes and parents. More than 100,000 Minnesotans suffer from brain injuries; a conference was hosted Thursday to discuss how to lower those numbers. One of the speakers at the conference is a Luverne High School senior who, while playing football and wrestling his sophomore year, suffered three concussions in four months.

Sports brain injuries topic of the day in Brooklyn Center (TwelveTV) - April 11, 2013
It's more serious than a bump on the head. More athletes are being diagnosed with concussions. On Thursday the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance held its 28th annual conference at the Earl Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. Among the presenters were Luverne high school senior Jake Guy, who suffered three concussions, two during football practice and a third during a wrestling match.

Despite Brain Injury, 5-Year-Old Loves T.C. Bear & Defying Odds (WCCO) - March 31, 2013
Brain injuries are the leading cause of death in children, but a St. Joseph boy is defying the odds after a brain injury he suffered when he was just 19 days old. Most 5-year-olds need some time to warm up to a TV camera. But within five minutes of meeting Andre Robinson, we learned he loves Spiderman and his favorite Minnesota Twins player isn't really a player at all — it's T.C. Bear.

Former KSTP-AM Program Director Talks About Brain Injury (KSTP) - March 19, 2013
For the first time, a former program director at KSTP-AM radio is speaking out about his motorcycle accident and subsequent brain injury. Three years ago Konrad hit a mattress on interstate 94 that had fallen off a vehicle in front of him. Had he not been wearing a helmet, doctors say he would have died. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, was in a coma for months, and when he woke up had to learn to walk, talk, and eat again.

Ben Utech Brain Injury Awareness Month PSA - March 2013
Public Service Announcement by Ben Utech, playing on WCCO Radio and KFAN during Brain Injury Awareness Month in 2013.

Repeated concussions take world-class athlete out of game (KARE 11) - March 13, 2012
A St. Paul athlete who was competing at a world class level is now making a move after repeated concussions finally took her out of the game. For 25 years, sports such as basketball, volleyball and track were always a part of Cindy Ellis' life. So were concussions. Ellis said, "I know I've had at least 10."

Hockey officials, parents place greater emphasis on reducing injuries, concussions (Minnesota Public Radio) - March 8, 2012
As Minnesota's top high school hockey teams take the ice at the Xcel Energy Center during the State Boys' Hockey Tournament this week, there is greater emphasis being placed on the need to reduce the kind of play that can lead to concussions and other serious injuries.

Free Baseline screenings this week (KARE 11) - March 8, 2012
Health Fair 11 is offering free Baseline Concussion Screenings this weekend at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The baseline screenings will be offered the Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; admission into the Science Museum of Minnesota is not required. Testing is open to anyone ages 10 - 65 on a first-come, first-served basis. Screenings will take place in the Science Museum's Computer Education Center located just off the lobby.

Bloomington group is providing support where there was none (Sun Newspapers) - March 7, 2012
Matt Hovila distinctly remembers his last basketball game at Bloomington Jefferson High School. Unlike most seniors, his last game didn't end with a playoff loss or an improbable state tournament victory, it ended with a conference victory against Rosemount. And it was the first conference game of the season.

Teens Make Group For Athletes With Concussions (Fox9) - March 2, 2012
A number of professional athletes battling post-concussion symptoms has brought attention to a growing issue.

Concussion Support Group by Minn. Athletes (Fox9) - February 26, 2012
Concussions have been one of the most talked about issues in sports during the past year. Now, two Minnesota teens who have lived through the agony of a concussion are forming a peer-to-peer support group. FOX 9’s Scott Wassermann is here with their story.

University of Minnesota Researches In-Utero Stroke Treatment (Fox9) - February 14, 2012
Strokes are normally a condition associated with the elderly, but they can happen to in children -- even the unborn. Now, researchers at the University of Minnesota say a new treatment called neuroplasticity could help lessen injury to the brain after a stroke.

The faces of concussions: Former Twin Corey Koskie and young athletes share their stories (KARE11) - February 8, 2012
Corey Koskie was a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with when he played third base for the Minnesota Twins. After six years in Minnesota, and a stop in Toronto, Koskie landed in Milwaukee in 2006. But that stop marked the beginning of the end for Koskie after he suffered two concussions within days of each other. Those concussions proved too powerful an opponent for Koskie.

New online pledge to keep your brain in the game (KARE11) - February 8, 2012
As many as 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur in the U.S. every year. About 50,000 of those injuries happen right here in Minnesota. Now, there's a new campaign aimed at raising awareness about those injuries. It's called the "Keep My Brain in the Game" pledge./p>

Concussion Discussion: MN leads way in prevention & treatment (KARE11) - February 7, 2012
Playing any sport comes with risks. A wrong move, an unexpected collision, or hard fall can change an athlete's life forever. Most people tend to associate concussions with professional contact sports - such as football and hockey - but they are increasingly more common amongst high school and youth players in all sports, with lacrosse and girls soccer having greater increases.

Answers to common concussion questions (KARE11) - February 7, 2012
Brain injury experts in the KARE 11 studio phone bank Monday night received dozens of calls. Many calls were from parents concerned about their young children. We took their questions to a pediatrician for answers.

Sports concussions: What price for glory? (This Week) - November 22, 2011
Natalie Darwitz overcame a concussion to win three Olympic medals with the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team. Now the former Eagan High School hockey player has come full circle, working within the confines of new head-injury rules as a varsity coach.

Rice brain trauma survivor is thankful, humbled (St. Cloud Times) - November 21, 2011
If you ask Ken Nodo about his bicycle accident in 2009, he'll readily tell you he shouldn’t have lived through it. He says this with a kind of pride, wonder and humility, about how lucky he feels to be alive. He survived something that most of us couldn't imagine, and is living with the consequences — a traumatic brain injury that he will deal with the rest of his life.

Modern football helmets no better than 'leatherheads' at protecting against concussions, study finds (MinnPost.com) - November 8, 2011
Recent studies have shown that "state-of-the-art" (and expensive) running shoes don't deliver what their ads promise: fewer injuries. Some modern running shoes (those designed for "motion control") may even increase the risk of injuries. Now, along comes a study on another common piece of sports equipment: the football helmet. And it's reached a similar conclusion: Although 21st-century helmets do help prevent severe skull fractures, they are no better than vintage leather helmets at protecting against the more frequent type of football-related head injury — concussion.

Victims Struggle with Shaken Baby Syndrome for Years (Fox9) - November 8, 2011
Though the stories of frustrated caretakers shaking babies are not rare, it's always a heart-rending tale. The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance says one in four victims will die -- but the 75 percent who survive are often never the same again.

Raising Awareness For An Invisible Disease (Northland NewsCenter) - September 23, 2011
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance will host its 10th annual walk for thought in Canal Park on Saturday. Kelly Wilson has faced incredible difficulties since a terrible car accident six years ago almost killed her and left her with a traumatic brain injury.

Teen Talks About Concussion, 'Walk For Thought' (WCCO) - September 21, 2011
Fifteen year old Kayla Meyer suffered two concussions playing hockey for New Prague. This weekend, Kayla will be taking part in the tenth annual "Walk for Thought," a fundraiser for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

Organizers seek funds for 'Walk for Thought' (Oakdale Patch) - September 14, 2011
rganizers are still seeking pledges and/or sponsorships for the "Walk for Thought," which will take place at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 24 at CentraCare Health Plaza. Walk for Thought is a fundraising event for the Minnesota Brain Injury Association. The 10th annual walk is one of four that will occur that day in Minnesota, the other three walk-site cities being Duluth, Rochester and St. Paul.

Testimony That Helped Change Youth Sports (Oakdale Patch) - September 14, 2011
Kayla Meyer has trouble reading. At age 15, she needs reading glasses to combat a disorder called "conversion syndrome," which makes it hard for her to keep her place while reading books or browsing the Internet. Meyer, who played girls hockey at New Prague High School, developed her condition after sustaining two concussions 10 months apart while practicing the game in eighth grade in 2009.

Proper Steps Important In Return From Concussions (Oakdale Patch) - September 13, 2011
Concussions are often an "unseen" injury: you may not have a lump on your forehead and you may not be bleeding—but the damage is there. In the short term concussions—traumatic brain injuries that change the way the brain functions that are often caused by a blow to the head—can cause headaches and nausea. If untreated or ignored, especially in younger athletes, the long-term damage can be far worse.

Local teen with concussions helps create state law (TC Daily Planet) - August 31, 2011
Kayla Meyer was inspired to testify before the Minnesota Legislature last spring and helped get a law passed that requires youth sports coaches to bench players suspected of having a concussion until they are cleared to play again by a medical professional.

Knocked Out (Minnesota Monthly) - August, 2011
When does a hit become one hit too many? New concussion research shows that head injuries sustained by young athletes have more serious long-term consequences than once thought.

After Suffering A Near Fatal Stroke, Edina Man Builds A Boat (WCCO) - July 29, 2011
An Edina man suffered a severe stroke in 2006, and now, after years of therapy, he is ready to take on a project he planned to do in retirement: build a boat.

Expert Talks Brain Injury, Dementia Link (MyFoxTwinCities) - July 18, 2011
A study of over 280,000 veterans shows their risk of developing dementia doubles if they have had a brain injury. In fact, the seven-year study found that over 15 percent of veterans who suffered a traumatic brain injury later suffered from dementia while only 6.7 percent of those who were not injured later exhibited symptoms. FOX 9 News spoke with Brad Donaldson, of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, about the study’s results and the potential link between brain injury and dementia.

Woman Conceives Despite Brain Injury (MyFoxTwinCities) - July 13, 2011
Doctors told Amy Pahl pregnancy not an option.

New concussion law aims to protect young athletes (Star Tribune) - June 9, 2011
It's now law in Minnesota: If young athletes show signs of a concussion, coaches must sideline them until they can get a medical all-clear. Minnesota is joining a growing number of states that are treating concussions more seriously as researchers learn more about their long-term effects on the brain. While legislators and the governor continued to hip check each other -- rhetorically -- over the budget on Wednesday, several partisans took a timeout to celebrate the new law protecting student athletes.

Law requires more concussion information (Bemidji Pioneer) - June 9, 2011
Kayla Meyer stood next to Gov. Mark Dayton, beaming, during a Wednesday ceremony celebrating a new law requiring coaches, parents and young athletes get more information about concussions.

Dayton 're-signs' concussions bill and welcomes persuasive student who helped get it passed (MinnPost) - June 8, 2011
A bipartisan bill that tightens restrictions on when it’s acceptable for high school athletes to play after head injuries received a second signature from Gov. Mark Dayton in a mock signing ceremony held Wednesday. The law, actually signed in late May, requires coaches to take online classes about the warning signs and symptoms of concussions each year. It also requires a medical examination and approval before young athletes can return to the field.

New Minnesota Concussion Law In Effect (KSTP) - June 8, 2011
Minnesota is taking a big step forward in protecting kids on the playing field. New guidelines are now in place for young athletes who suffer concussions. Governor Dayton officially signed the law last month, but today the teenager who helped push for these tighter standards was there for the ceremonial signing of the bill at the capitol.

Dayton Signs Concussion Bill Into Law (WCCO) - June 8, 2011
Experts say young athletes are more at risk for concussions when they're playing sports. That’s why a young Minnesota girl has been speaking out for new legislation. Kayla Meyers was at the State Capitol on Wednesday for the ceremonial signing of a new concussion law.

Victim Recalls Distracted Crash, Loss (MyFoxTwinCities) - April 21, 2011
Jean Johnson lost her job, part of her memory and her friend all because of a crash caused by distracted driving. In October 2006, Johnson was driving near Saint Cloud with a friend. She said she doesn't remember the crash. Instead, Johnson has been able to piece together what happened through pictures, police reports and the brother-in-law on the other end of her driver's cell phone.

Concussion Bill Progressing in Minn. House (MyFoxTwinCities) - April 17, 2011
15-year-old Kayla Meyer loves hockey and loves dogs, and depending on the noise level, both can make her headaches even worse. "I have a constant head ache," says Kayla. "Even right now as I'm talking to you I have a headache. This morning I woke up at 5 a.m. with a terrible headache and couldn't fall back asleep for an hour and half."

Sen. Michelle Benson seeks to protect young athletes from concussions (HomeTown Source) - April 13, 2011
New Prague teenager Kayla Meyer brought a simple message to the Senate Education Committee today (Tuesday, April 12) on the topic of young athletes and concussions. "When in doubt, sit them out" said Meyer, a former hockey player who suffered two concussions and appeared on behalf of legislation carried by Sen. Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake.

Clamping down on concussions (Star Tribune) - April 13, 2011
Concussions left 15-year-old Kayla Meyer unable to play hockey -- her favorite sport since age 3 -- or sit in crowded rooms or focus on words on a page. But one thing Meyer can do is work to prevent others from suffering, and that's what brought the New Prague teenager to St. Paul on Tuesday to testify on behalf of a Senate bill that would increase concussion awareness among parents and coaches and restrict when injured athletes return to play.

Bill Could Help Young Athletes Who Suffer Concussions (wcco.com) - April 12, 2011
Concussions are a major health concern for young people who play sports. If a student returns to play too soon after suffering a concussion, there are growing concerns that it could cause permanent brain injury, even death. So, Minnesota lawmakers are talking about a concussion law for student athletes.

House Committee Approves Changes To Concussion Laws (wcco.com) - April 11, 2011
A Minnesota House committee approved sweeping changes Friday in how Minnesota schools handle student athletes who suffer concussions. The bill requires coaches to remove athletes from competition if they show any signs of a concussion. It also prohibits students from returning until a doctor says they have recovered.

Madden Football Game Tackles Concussions-Popular video game uses realism to promote safety" (MyFoxTwinCities) - April 6, 2011
One of the most popular and realistic video games on the market may soon become a teaching tool as Madden Football strives to raise concussion awareness. Concussions are a hot topic in the NFL and in many team athletic programs at schools, so when Madden 12 hits the shelves in August, it will help teach young athletes about the dangers of brain injuries.

Concussions End Basketball Captain's H.S. Career" (wcco.com) - March 29, 2011
Matt Hovila was the captain of the Bloomington Jefferson Basketball team, but a hard hit ended his dreams of playing the game. In January, the senior had to sit out the rest of the season after getting his third concussion.

A Man's Inspirational Recovery From A Serious Brain Injury" (wcco.com) - March 16, 2011
A life-threatening brain injury changed a Minnesota man's life forever, but it wasn't enough to slow him down. Now, eight years later, he is being honored for proving that the impossible is possible.

Local lawmkers support concussion legislation for young athletes" (12 TV News) - March 15, 2011
Eight months after suffering a concussion, Twins infielder Justin Morneau is just now making his way back onto the diamond. But do youth sports have the same kind of rules to keep kids from returning to the game until they're fully healed?

Minnesota considers toughening concussion rules (kare11.com) - March 10, 2011
Minnesota considers toughening concussion rules. Featuring Kayla Meyer, a teen living with a sports concussion.
Alternative version.

Man Walks Marathons for Brain Injury Fundraising - (myfoxtwincities.com) - March 3, 2011
A man who once suffered a brain injury after a snowmobile crash has more than just an amazing story of recovery, he now has over 379 miles under his belt that he earned running to raise money for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

Woman injured by distracted driver tells teens to 'hang up' (kare11.com) - December 23, 2010
You've heard it before. It only takes a moment and everything can change. For Jean Johnson, someone else's momentary distraction led to her long and courageous story of recovery.

Woman recovers from brain injury suffered while shoveling snow (kare11.com) - December 22, 2010
Shoveling snow is hard work and can be dangerous. A Twin Cities woman knows that first hand.

Slippery Falls: Common, Serious Problem (myfoxtwincities.com) - December 9, 2010
It can get very icy in spots across the Twin Cities, but it can be an especially deadly situation. Since November, Hennepin County Medical Center has treated and admitted dozens of patients for brain injuries due to falls. Three of them have lost their lives.

Woman Tells Of Shoveling Dangers After Brain Injury (wcco.com) - November 29, 2010
During the winter, there's no question snow can be treacherous. But sometimes ice is the really scary stuff.

Teaching Kids Not to Lead with Helmets (myfoxtwincities.com) - October 19, 2010
Hard hits are a big part of the appeal of pro football but now the NFL want to clamp down on some of them. Coaches are now teaching their players not to lead with their heads.

Advocate: Concussions should be taken more seriously (mpr.com) - September 24, 2010
When Gabe Maddern fractured his skull playing touch football during the off-season last winter, the extent of his injury wasn't immediately evident.

Concussion Knocks Out Eden Prairie HS Football Player (myfoxtwincities.com) - September 16, 2010
Protecting athletes after suffering concussions has been a huge topic lately both in the professional and high school levels. All summer long, teenage boys dream of getting back on the field and it's everything to Gabe Maddern.

Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel lends support to brain injury walk (kare11.com) - August 27, 2010
When the Minnesota Brain Injury Association was looking for an ambassador for their annual "Walk For Thought" event, they thought big. Really big. The Association tabbed former Minnesota Viking and NFL Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel to head-up this year's event, and McDaniel, who has a long history of community involvement, was only too happy to help out an organization whose work hits all too close to home.

Teen Warns of Playing with Concussion (myfoxtwincities.com) - June 16, 2010
Most teens just want to play, so they'll often blow off an injury or play through the pain. A Byron, Minnesota teen wants you to know that ignoring a concussion can take you out of the game for good.

Protecting Teens from Sports-Related Concussions (myfoxtwincities.com) - April 29, 2010
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance held their 25th annual conference in St. Paul to educate young athletes, their parents and those in the sports and medical fields about the dangers of brain injuries. The main topic at a conference is protecting teen brains. Doctors and other health experts talked about sports related concussions in kids and teens. They're saying our state doesn't do enough to protect young minds when it comes to brain injuries.

Father Preaches Importance of Hockey Helmets (myfoxtwincities.com) - March 3, 2010
A father in Apple Valley speaks out about the importance of wearing a helmet after he experienced a hockey injury.

Local Veteran Honored in St. Paul (kare11.com) - September 2009
Marcus Kuboy tells his story of how he was injured by an improvised explosive device in Iraq, his recovery, and his participation in the 2009 Walk for Thought in St. Paul.

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