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Education and Community Outreach- Supplemental Workshops

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance provides the following low-cost educational training opportunities for all people affected by brain injury, including family and friends, and training opportunities for the professionals who support them. The fee for consumers wishing to attend a Supplemental Workshop is $15 per person. The fee for professionals is $25 per person.

  • Brain Injury Basics Introduction for Professionals
    Attendees will learn basic facts about the brain and brain injury, living with a brain injury and its effects. Brain injury resources will be identified.

  • Brain Injury Basics Adjustment for Professionals
    Attendees will learn about the life changes that occur with brain injury, including: the process of adjustment, emotional aspects of changes and adjustment challenges for individuals with brain injury and their loved ones.

  • Brain Injury Basics Caregiver for Professionals
    Attendees will learn that brain injury not only impacts the person who sustained the injury, but also all individuals in their lives. Caregivers play an important role in enhancing quality of life after brain injury through their caregiving. Attendees will learn more about brain injury, tips on supporting the person with brain injury and "taking care of the caregiver."

  • Brain Injury Basics Overview
    Brain Injury Basics Overview is a generalized presentation of the Brain Injury Basics Series. Attendees will learn basic facts about brain and brain injury; adjustment to brain injury and life changes; and the role of the caregiver supporting a person with brain injury.

  • Prevention Series: Fall Prevention
    Attendees will learn about the possible fall hazards for the elderly population and prevention strategies both for independent living and assistive living facilities. Symptoms of potential brain injury and stroke will be identified as well as the actions one can take when brain injury is suspected.

  • Prevention Series: Shaken Baby Syndrome
    Attendees will learn about shaken baby syndrome, prevalence, and implications as well as prevention strategies and resources.

  • Prevention Series: Sports Prevention
    Attendees will learn about possible sporting hazards, concussion symptoms and actions one can take when a concussion is suspected as well as prevention strategies.

  • Project Brain Bridge
    Project Brain Bridge is a project empowering others to disseminate information about brain injury. Attendees will learn about basic facts about brain injury. Attendees will partake in hands-on empathy activities appropriate for all ages. This workshop can be customized for groups in regards to prevention strategies for specific ages and/or activities. This workshop can be a useful tool for helping others understand how their classmate or coworker may feel when transitioning back into the school or work setting.

  • Support Group Facilitator Training
    Interested in creating a support group for individuals affected by brain injury? Attendees will learn how to establish and facilitate a support group. Conflict resolution and how to network speakers will be addressed.

For more information on any of these Supplemental Workshops, please contact the Education Department by calling 800-669-6442 or 612-378-2742.

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