Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

2019 Walk for Thought

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Walk?

  • Leif Erikson Park in Duluth)
  • Saint Cloud Hospital/CentraCare Health Plaza in Saint Cloud
  • Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton/Twin Cities

What sizes are the T-shirts available in?
Shirts are available in adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and children's S, M and L. Register by Friday, August 31 to ensure receiving a T-shirt. A $25 donation per walker is encourage in order to receive a T-shirt.

Is there a registration fee?
No, everyone can participate. To receive a T-shirt, a $25 donation (in donations raised per walker) is encouraged.

What if it rains?
The Walk goes on rain or shine, but there are shelters at all locations.

Do I have to be on a team?
No. Anyone can take part as an individual or on a team.

What does a team captain do?
A team captain is the leader of the team. You recruit participants to join your team and on the day of the Walk you will be responsible for collecting money from your team and picking up their T-shirts from the registration desk. Some team captains find creative ways to motivate their team members. They may also hold their own fundraising events.

How long is the Walk?
Each Walk location is approximately one mile.

That far?! Can I bring my wheelchair?
Of course! Please bring wheelchairs, strollers, tricycles, or whatever you need to make this an enjoyable experience.

Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are permitted but must remain on a leash at all times (and remember to pick up after your pooch!).

What if I want to collect donations, but I don't know how?
Click here to see a list of fundraising ideas or call us at 612-378-2742 or 800-669-6442 and we can send you some ideas in the mail.

Why aren't my cash or check donations showing up on my Team Page?
Only credit card transactions that take place online are reflected on the Web site until after the Walk for Thought has been concluded. Because of the high number of individual donations that are received for the Walk, and because many times donor information is not received with cash donations, these donations are entered into a separate database. Once the Walk for Thought has been concluded and the organization has time to tally and process the funds received, the cash and check donations will be added as a lump sum to each Team's tally and noted on the Web site.

How do I register?

Choose one of the following links for the Walk for Thought nearest you:

Duluth - Leif Erikson Park
Saint Cloud - CentraCare Health Plaza
Twin Cities - Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton

Do I have to know who all my team members will be when I register as Captain?
You do not. If you register as Captain over the phone or through the mail we will mail you a packet of information that includes a sign up sheet for all of your team members. This sign up sheet must be mailed or faxed in by Monday, September 5 to ensure enough T-shirts are available for your team.

I'm having trouble registering all of my team members online
By signing up online, Team Captains are able to easily add Team Members to their Team at any time. Once you start your team and log into your Campaign Manager, you can click on "Add Member" on the left side to easily add additional Team Members to your team.

You do not have to have an e-mail for each team member. We use the e-mail field as a unique ID field in our database. If you do not have an e-mail address for one of your team members, simply add a number to your e-mail address and increase the number for each team member (eg. myemail1@myemail.com, myemail2@myemail.com, etc.)

Others can also join your team without you having to add them yourself (you'll still have to approve them through your Campaign Manager). Please call us at 612-378-2742 or 800-669-6442 with any further questions regarding problems with online registration.

When do I turn in the money I raise?
You can turn it in the day of the Walk or mail it in in advance.

Where does the money go?
All the money raised will go to provide services to people affected by brain injury like free resource facilitation, brain injury basics, and mentoring. It also helps support our state wide brain injury prevention and education services. You can learn more about the work the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance does for people affected by brain injury by clicking here.