Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

Take the Team Challenge!

Taking the challenge is easy:

  1. Recruit nine poeple to walk with you for a total of 10 team walkers
  2. Have each walker donate $25 for a total of $250
  3. Have each walker ask a family member for $25 for a total of $250
  4. Have each walker ask a friend for $25 for a total of $250
  5. Have each walker ask a coworker for $25 for a total of $250

Team total: $1,000!

More fundraising ideas:

  1. Sign up online and send out e-mails through your Walk for Thought Web site.
  2. Make your first donation yourself online, your gift will set the tone for others.
  3. Post your Web site address on a bulletin board at your work, gym, or school.
  4. Try to ask a different person every day to contribute.
  5. Send a letter in the mail to family and friends. Explain why this cause is important to you; share your experiences with them. Heartfelt messages will get the best response from them.
  6. Clean out your garage and house and set up a Walk for Thought donation booth. Ask friends and neighbors to donate their old belongings for the cause as well.
  7. Offer up some baked goods or cookies and ask for donations in exchange.
  8. If you have a birthday coming up ask friends and family to make donations towards the Walk for Thought instead of giving you gifts.
  9. Have a team potluck, invite friends and family and charge an admission for the meal.
  10. Have a game night with friends and family. Play board games for money and donate the money to the Walk for Thought.
  11. Have your team members offer their services for a day. Accept donations to do car repairs and/or maintenance, yard work, walking dogs, or raking leaves.
  12. Include a candy bar with paychecks at work. Include a note saying it is a sweet time to make a donation for the Walk for Thought!
  13. Have a casual day at the office. Have people pay to dress down.
  14. Ask your company about matching gifts. This is a good way to double your money, contact your human resources department to get the proper paperwork required.
  15. If you work for a company that has two or more teams, try and have weekly challenges. This will help drive your fundraising effort with some healthy competition.
  16. Get the whole office involved by having your boss offer an extra vacation day for the team member or members who raise the most money.