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Resource Facilitation

Often a person faces a lot of uncertainty after brain injury, including the transition back to work or school, funding options, recreation, family and spousal relationships, and coping with ongoing fatigue, headaches, and depression. Resource Facilitation is a free, statewide telephone service available that provides persons affected by brain injury with support in transitioning back to their family life, work, school and the community.  The service is voluntary and while many participants are referred at the point of discharge from the hospital, anyone can self-refer or be referred by any professional, at any point after the brain injury.

Click here to access Resource Facilitation services by filling out an Authorization Form.

How does it work?
The best way is that upon discharge from the hospital, individuals are given information about the free service and the option to sign an authorization form. This form allows a Resource Facilitator from the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance to call the individual within a few weeks and then on a regular basis every six months, or as needed, for up to two years.

Individuals and their family members can also call the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance directly (800-669-6442) to participate in this service. The goal is to help individuals affected by brain injury problem-solve issues and identify support resources to help ensure that the individual and their family are getting their needs met. Many access Resource Facilitation when they need support with questions like:

  • Is medical follow-up and/or outpatient therapy needed? What's the process for scheduling appointments? Will insurance cover the cost? Is a prescription needed?
  • Are home care services required? Who will provide these services? Will insurance cover the cost?
  • Can I/my family member return to work?
  • Can I/my family member still drive? What are our transportation options?
  • Is special equipment needed? Will insurance cover the cost? What company is supplying the equipment and how do we order it? Are modifications needed to our home?
  • What medications are needed? Where do I go with questions about the medications?
  • How do we access special education services within our school district?
  • What types of financial resources are available (e.g. disability insurance, Social Security, Medicaid)?

In addition to receiving scheduled support calls from the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, participants are welcome to call when questions or issues arise and can discontinue the service at any time. Bilingual staff are available, as well as interpreters.

Click here to access Resource Facilitation services by filling out an Authorization Form.

Why is it a free service?
Resource Facilitation is funded through a contract with the Minnesota Department of Health, making it possible for every hospital in the state to offer this as a free service to their patients affected by brain injury. Several hospitals participated in a pilot program that demonstrated improved patient outcomes, including increased rate of return to work, reduced family crisis and increased family ability to understand and support family member. That successful pilot project led to the passage of 2003 legislation that made Resource Facilitation available to all people affected by brain injury in Minnesota, regardless of the injury date.

What are healthcare professionals saying?
Healthcare providers tell us that patients appreciate the free service and are thankful their hospital provided them with the resource. Some recent feedback from healthcare professionals includes:

"The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance provides a wonderful link out in the community, in the real world, for people with brain injury and their loved ones.  They are very knowledgeable about long-term issues surrounding rehabilitation from brain injury."

"At a time when there have been a lot of budget cuts, this is a way to provide quality customer service to our consumers and support our discharge planners, nurses and social workers."

What are individuals and families saying?

Individuals and families affected by brain injury appreciate the knowledgeable, ongoing support they can access through the Resource Facilitation services:

"Your services were excellent.  I don’t know what we would have done, or how we would have gotten through this ordeal without the support of the hospital, nurses and your organization.  We were basically lost in this pool of knowledge and you guided us through."

"We were so grateful that someone was there who understood the difficulties we were having after our daughter's injury. We were overwhelmed and our resource facilitator helped us sort through the issues. We're all doing much better now thanks to the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance."

Click here to access Resource Facilitation services by filling out an Authorization Form.

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